Hidden Heroes: Portraits

The movement of people leaving their homelands can be both traumatic and an exhilarating. It brings new opportunities and experiences, unforeseen challenges and hurdles. It demands agility, creativity and thinking on your feet. Within this chaos and change are Hidden Heroes who rise without being seen and take care of all around. Through language, translations, packing, carrying loads, feeding, soothing, caring. In closed interview rooms at airports, police stations, government offices , on the road, in planes, on buses and in new homes, schools and surgeries, these heroes carry out their duties, tasks, not having any choice but to get on. These heroes are young sons, daughters and mothers, wives, sisters. These projects explore and shine a light on their stories through the mediums of writing and installation art.

Hidden Heroes – Portraits from anjum malik on Vimeo.

What would you take in your suitcase?

Through the eyes and words of primary school students working with poet and scriptwriter Anjum Malik and artist Emma M.
Stories of leaving, arriving, prized possessions, new starts, the past and the future on maps, tracks, roads, flight paths, across oceans, on streets….

A pop up exhibition was created, installed and displayed on Wednesday 10th October between 1pm and 3pm, the Atrium, Manchester Metropolitan University, Rosamond Street West, Manchester. M15 6LL​