Hidden Stories










As a British Pakistani, multilingual, with international upbringing Anjum has used her background establishing Hidden Stories encompassing it to bring about equal representation of all socioeconomic groups with a track record of developing high quality, culturally specific work with underrepresented groups, encouraging participation, involvement and development of the arts, sharing stories not normally seen in the mainstream using creative writing, performance and sharing, involving multilingualism, multiculturalism with people of all backgrounds and ages.

With stories from Black, ethnic and disadvantaged groups, creating opportunities for involvement across all aspects, writing own stories, performances, sharing with closed and wider audiences.

Working in partnership with libraries, museums, theatres, literary, arts, education, communities organisations and artists, making a significant contribution to creative case in diversity, enabling disadvantaged groups to make ongoing positive contribution. There has been high demand within these groups and wider audiences to be part of ‘Hidden Stories’ as participants, audiences and organisations for partnerships. Together with a commercial demand for the tools developed as resource material by the groups and organisations locally, nationally and internationally. ​